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Which Application Method Fits Your Lifestyle?

Which Application Method Fits Your Lifestyle?

With so many ways to apply reusable nail art one might say these are the most versatile ways to care for your nails.

  • Would you like to wear your nails for 2-4 weeks? - We suggest great prep, glue or the acrylic method for the best hold.
  • Need the nails on for just a couple days? - Try our regular nail polish base coat with a small amount of glue. 
  • We recommend wearing your nails for 7-14 days with just glue but you can wear them for longer with acrylic. It is fairly simple to apply and trial kits range from $10-20 dollars but will last you years. The only downside is that nails become one time use if applied with this method and need to be soaked off. 

If the methods listed below do not suite your needs please contact one of our artists today and let us find a method that will work best for your lifestyle. 

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