What is the turnaround time.

  • Manufactured sets normally ship the next day and expected to receive within 3-5 days. 
  • Handmade sets are made by our licensed nail artists and we ask to give them up to 2 weeks after your free consultation for production. Many times sets are completed within 5 days. Handmade sets are custom therefore your nail artist will be in contact with you throughout the entire process. 

  • During holiday seasons we suggest ordering 2-3 weeks ahead. Many manufactured sets sell out quickly and our licensed technicians book out quickly for handmade orders. Once our artists book out for that holiday our handmade ordering will be disabled until orders are completed. 



 How long do they last?

  • Nails last differently on everyone due to the fact that we all produce different amounts of oils on our nails. On average a nail set lasts 1-2 weeks but they are reusable up to 4x! You can make your nails last longer using different methods including gel, acrylic, sticky tabs with glue and proper prep. We include a detailed and we mean detailed information sheet with every set so that you can choose the method that is perfect for you. We also include at the bottom of our website an infographic on the different methods our VHLuxers are obsessed with. 

How do I apply the nails? 

  • When we say they are the most versatile nail on the market today we are serious! Depending on how long you would like to wear them, how frequently you want to change them out, and how easily you want to be able to remove them will change how you apply them. For example someone who wants them on for 1-2 weeks can apply them with glue, someone who wants them to last 1 week and easy removal will apply with glue on top of nail polish base coat or sticky tabs. We provide detailed instructions as well as alternate methods suggested by our VHLuxers with every purchase. 

How do I make them reusable?

  • To make sure your nails stay reusable use sticky tabs or glue as the application method. When removing the nails use kiss glue off found on Amazon or a combination of warm water, dish soap, cuticle oil and a small drop of acetone to remove your nails. Do not ever pop your nails off that will cause damage to your natural nail and we care about your natural nails! If there is glue buildup on the nail tip we suggest using glue off to remove it, a buffer to buff it off or a file to file it down. Something that works even better is a small portable drill that costs around $10-20 on Amazon. You can drill down the glue inside of your nail tip quickly and efficiently. This will make your nails last even longer the next time because now the inside of your nail tip is roughed up and glue, gel or acrylic love a roughed up surface.

I want to grow my nails out, how do I prevent damage? 

  • When you are prepping your nails be gentle, use a buffer instead of a file, etch the inside of the nail tip with a file instead. We suggest using 99% alcohol or a dehydrator for better adhesion and less damage due to filing. Protect your nail bed by applying regular nail polish base coat in two or three layers, allow to fully dry and then applying glue on top. Using the sticky tabs on a prepped nail with glue on top instead of nail polish base coat works just as well but can add bulk. Both of these methods work very well for easy removal with glue off or a small amount of acetone to dissolve the tabs or nail polish. 

How do I remove the nails?

  • Proper removal is extremely important to prevent damage. Nail damage is not caused by the nails themselves or even the glue. Nail damage comes from over-filing the nail and forcing the nails off. This is the same damaged that is caused by picking at your nail polish, picking at your gel polish, removing your acrylic with floss or force, etc. The only way to safely remove artificial nails is by soaking them off. To reuse your nails mix hot water (hot enough to handle do not burn yourself), dish soap, oil (a generous amount), a small drop of acetone in the water and with a Q-tip poured under the nail and in lifting areas. Full removal tutorials are available on Instagram @vhluxe and @thepaintingbae. 

What happens if they pop off?

  • If nails are popping off it is usually due to air bubbles. Be sure to apply glue to your natural nail and inside of your nail tip. Start at the cuticle area and hold down with moderate pressure for 30 seconds to get rid of bubbles. Air bubbles can be small but they grow quickly and that is what creates lifting. Improperly removing all of the cuticle from the nail plate (Cuticle is the dead substance that grows on top of our nails, it can grow as far as the middle of the plate and is usually not visible! If you use a cuticle softener or begin pushing it back with an orange-wood stick it will turn white.) Most of our customers love Sally Hansen cuticle remover found on Amazon. Pamper yourself and give yourself a mini mani the night before you apply your nails. You will notice a big difference in longevity and your nails will look beautiful!

How do I customize my nails?

  • So easy! Purchase one of our custom orders for simple or complicated nail art. At the end of checkout write in a simple sentence of what you are looking for and we will email you within 12 hours. If you add your phone number our artist can text you as well. You can send your artist photos or she can come up with a blueprint based on your needs. 

What happens after I purchase my nails? 

  • If this is your first purchase our team will reach out to confirm your shape and length through email. Then we will send you a free sizing kit with thorough instructions on how to size your nails for a perfect fit. You will send us a photo or your sizes and we will begin to create your set. We will stay in contact and send you updated photos of your set as we go along with the creative process. After you confirm the set is to your liking we will send you a tracking number for your order. Hold on to your sizes so that you can enter them at the end of checkout next time so we can start your order right away. We also hold on to your sizes in your favorite shape for giveaways or gifts for our returning clients.

What do you mean you have a personal tech to help?

  • If you have any nail related questions for application or in regards to your order you have an experienced nail technician on the other side that you can message for help.

Who do I contact if I have questions? 

  • You may contact us through our contact section on our website, email us at info@vhluxe.com or DM us on Instagram anytime @vhluxe.

How do I know my custom order will be what I want? 

  • Your personal nail artist will send you photos or videos throughout the entire process. You will have a chance to make sure that you are satisfied with your set before it is shipped. 

Who do I contact if I have any issues? 

  • For any issues with your order or if you are unsatisfied with your artist please email us at info@vhluxe.com

Will the glue work for me? 

  • The glue we offer with our kit works for most people and their body chemistry. Other glues our customers love are Dashing Diva, Makarrt brush on blue and Nailene. These glues are recommended from our clients for the longest longevity. 

What glue do you recommend? 

  • We recommend a brush on glue for easier application. We offer Makarrt in a tube but you can purchase the brush on glue directly on our website. Our customers also love Dashing Diva and Nailene for two week wear. 

How do I make them last 3 weeks? 

  • We do not recommend wearing nails with glue for longer than two weeks. Wearing nails for a long time especially if they are starting to lift can cause bacteria to grow in dark areas where moisture collects. We recommend removing them safely and re-applying them to make them last another 2 weeks. You may also use acrylic, builder in a bottle or base coat gel to wear your nails longer. We recommend proper instruction on application before trying these methods. 

When should I remove them? 

  • We recommend removing your nails after 1.5-2 weeks or when you begin to notice lifting. We provide you a tote bag for your prep kit so that you are able to take it anywhere you go if a nail becomes loose. This rarely happens but it is so convenient to be able to repair a nail right away without having to go to a salon. 

Help! They wont come off? 

  • They may not be ready to come off yet! Glue needs time at least a week to begin to loosen. In this case you may need to purchase glue off on amazon or soak your nails off with our soak off method and more acetone. 

What's the best way to remove them? 

  • The best way to remove them is to soak them off. Never pop your nails off! Our customers love kiss glue off on Amazon. 

How do I reuse them? 

  • We recommend reusing our nails. All you need is to soak them off and then buffing the glue residue from the inside of the nail. We suggest purchasing a nail drill on amazon for $10-20 and drill off the glue from your nail tips. You can also use the nail drill on initial application on the inside of the nail TIPS not your natural nails to make the glue adhere better. 

What is the difference between this and drug store nails? 

  • Our Everyday Luxe nails are made of top of the line plastics for durability. They do not flex or bend and are reusable. Our Expressions line is overlaid with salon quality professional soft gel to give the nails a high gloss shine and protect the design to make them reusable. Our VHLuxe line is made completely with soft gel nails from the base to the top and offer the strongest nails for an Instagram tech look for a fraction of the time. 

What is the difference between Everyday Luxe, Vhluxe and Expressions? 

  • Everyday Luxe nails are manufactured prints of our best selling designs. They are affordable and are perfect for beginners and anyone looking for an everyday nail look. In our Expression line the nails are overlaid with soft gel for a high shine and durability. Our VHLuxe nails are made with soft gel for the strongest most durable nail and hand painted designs that would take 3+ hours at the salon or an Instagram tech. 

How do I make it a gift? 

  • All of our sets come in luxury packaging so they make the perfect gifts. You can purchase a gift card, you may enter the recipients information in the shipping address and leave us a note so that we can include a card with the sizing kit for their set OR you can purchase any set on the website as a full set of 22-24 nails for no additional sizing needed. 

Does the oil have a strong smell? 

  • The Rose oil does not have a strong rose scent. It is very delicate almost as if you stepped into a meadow and the air disbursed the rose scent evenly. 

Will you be coming out with more designs and oils? 

  • Yes we come out with new designs and oils 3x a year for winter, spring/summer and fall!

Do you ever have sales? 

  • We hold percentage discounts for repeat customers and our ambassadors have codes. We do have certain flash sales throughout the year as well as for end of season in our Everyday Luxe and Expressions Line. Unfortunately our luxury VHLuxe line will never go on sale. It is priced the lowest possible to be able to give you an affordable yet the highest quality nail possible. Each set can take an artist over two hours to complete. Everything is hand painted and not recreated. We use top of the line professional products and pay our artists a fair wage. 

Why are some of them more expensive? 

  • Not every set is created equal. We want to price each set fairly so we use a formula to calculate our product costs based on supplies and time it takes to create something AFTER it has been created into a process. We do not calculate time for initial creation. We want you to have the best price possible for the quality you recieve.