Our Story

VHLuxe was founded during the Covid-19 pandemic when salons closed and nail artists had to find a new way of supporting their families. Customers could no longer enjoy small luxuries that helped them express themselves and began looking for other options.

This establishment recognizes a crisis, and uses elbow grease to help create relief to those in need. We started off as a small company that only provided handmade gel options. We have since added manufactured designs in order to meet demands and offer beginner friendly affordable options. Since the beginning we pledged to donate 10% of the profits sold from our nail art sets to a charity that serves the needs of children in the community. We are currently donating 10% of every order bimonthly to The Sacramento Children’s Home.

VH prides itself on customer satisfaction. Our goal as a luxury brand is to combine superior quality, communication and customer satisfaction in order to give our customers top of the market results. We feel great pride in the community we have established through hard work, dedication, and our wonderful customers. Giving back brings us joy knowing we can provide a quality product all while supporting those who need it the most.

We began with our love for nail art, the joy it brings to our customers that wear it and the people who are inspired by it. We ended with a community of people that share our positive and loving outlook on life even through the hardest of times.

Originally founded by a nail tech named Angela, whose passion for art exuded the desire to create an outlet for customers to purchase wearable art online. During the havoc of Covid-19 businesses were forced to shut down, and self-care was being neglected. The shelter in place orders, forced some to work from home, worry how to support their families... and let’s just say...we became very creative.

Founded with the realization that our nails have the ability to set the tone for our whole week. Everyday tasks just seem that much more cheerful when wearing a set of nail art. Bad days are offset with a quick look at a calming set of art attach to your fingers. Joyful occasions are brought back from memories when you rewear a set from a vacation or birthday. We created this company at the start of a turning point in our world. Even though we couldn’t leave our homes, we could bring joy through art into them.

Angela, saw an opportunity to possibly bring some sort of happiness during the pandemic. Giving you a small sense of normality with her artwork. Angela created a space for her customers to explore their creativity, and individuality in hopes to at least bring one smile to the surface in the midst of all the gloom.

Overall, the irresistible VHLuxe was inspired by love for people and art. The perfect medium and canvas used to exhibit that love in our luxe nail art sets designed for each client to feel as gorgeous as they look.

 If you are reading this: Please, do not forget you are beautiful inside and out.